Over prepared bivy? Here is my list.

For some my gear may seem a bit over the top, but from experience I much prefer to have something and not need it rather than need it and not have it. So here comes the list Harness: kortel kuik 2, previously the Supair Delight Helmet: edelrid foldable compass solar vario spot messenger guide 10 solar charger  […]


Going for the Nepali record

Even before coming out to Nepal at the end of 2011 i had already searched through the online contests to find who had flown the longest distances, triangles and of course the highest. The flights that stood out for me were, Claudio Mota’s Sarangkot-Sirkot-Dhampus-Korchone triangle, David Hannings flight from Greenwall East 105km east (from memory), […]


Being part of something bigger

Two years ago we had the pleasure of becoming part of the Cloudbase foundation, now we are pleased to have become part of Karmaflights. Both organizations are focused on helping the local communities which we all visit during our flying trips and holidays. So make a difference and help some people that are less fortunate […]

Nepal & India Guiding 2012-2013

This year we are offering fully Guided tours for pilots wanting to improve their Cross Country potential using some of the most iconic sites in the world. Places we will Visit, November through March we will be operating in Nepal; Ø Pokhara, Ø Sirkot, Ø Bandipur. India, October and then April Ø Bir Billing We […]

Where to go? What to do once I get there? Some advice for beginner comp and XC pilots.

These are the two most important questions I find asking myself when I fly in comps. First things first, I’m sure you get a map when you register for a comp! use it…. Before you fly: Arriving at a new location you don’t really know what will or wont work so the map is your […]