Quick Test : BGD Tala

One of the first things you notice when you take the BGD Tala in your hands is the size and weight of the package, due to the construction method and materials used the glider packs down very compact.
Launching with the Tala is effortless even in stronger or cross winds, the glider inflates evenly and progressively (going against the current trend of gliders which have aggressive tips that want to come up before the center section of the wing, this came as a pleasant change and makes the whole feel of the glider so much nicer). There is no real tendency for the Tala to want to overshoot, even in stronger gusts the glider seems to find its place above the pilot. Keeping the wing above your head is almost effortless and only minor adjustments are needed for a response.
As soon as you are airborne you notice the light feel of the wing, the brake travel is longer than on most other C’s but is progressive and very effective allowing for more precise adjustments to be made to your thermalling while not penalising minor mistakes.
Thermalling the Tala is great, you can open the radius to thermal wide and efficiently in the zeros or get it right over on the stabilizer, no matter which method you are using you are getting a constant flow of feedback from the glider through the breaks and harness (this flow is informative while at the same time not being over the top to freak you out). With the Tala you really don’t have many excuses for getting out cored, the kites, hawks and vultures of the Himalayas had a hard time in keeping up with it. In the really tight cores the longer brake travel allows you to slow it right down and keep it tighter in the core safely without the risk of stalling or spinning it. 

In the rougher air the glider holds its own, even when put in some pretty unfriendly places (except for the occasional tip tuck) it stayed inflated and flying.

On the first long valley crossing you notice the great smooth efficient glide angle that you have at trim speed, then as you step on half speed bar you notice how lightly it works, your speed increases with a very very small increase in sink, then on full bar you once again have an increase in speed and this time a slightly larger increase in sink (overall the speed to sink relationship is above average and very acceptable as you are maintaining an efficient glide). On full bar the Tala is probably one of the most stable i have flown with a very low tendency to collapse during turbulence and giving notice early enough to act accordingly.

The Tala is not the fastest in its class but makes up for this short fall with its over all very comfortable feel, energy retention, collapse resistance and solid balanced performance. The glider gives you extra confidence to push further into unknown areas safely. 

Bstall is well balanced and stable with only a small overshoot on exit, if pulled even there is no tendency to experience any rotation. Fullstall took a wrap (on the ML with standard length brakes) to achieve, again an even decent and no tendency to rotate. Big ears are mega stable getting a nice decent rate without the aggressive flapping like some others.

Landing the Tala is a pleasure, you can put it down where you want it, the long brake travel helps to slow it right down for a spot landing.

It appears that BGD have taken their years of experience with constructing more traditional gliders and mixed it with some innovation to bring us a glider that has great performance, without sacrificing the safety level. 

Overall if you are looking for a glider that for a lack of another description is simply comfortable to use while maintaining performance levels comparable to the competition then have a look at a BGD Tala as after this test flight is now has our attention. 

Thanks go out to Alexander Kulishov for eagerly allowing me to jump on his Tala for a flight.