Road trip begins with Romania & Skytribe XC comp

It was clear roads and not much traffic on the route my Nav choose to direct me on the trip through Slovakia and Hungary towards my destination in the south part of the Carpathian mountain chain, after having a busy day getting formalities sorted and after 6hrs on the road i decided to spend the night on the Hungarian side of the border with Romania. I managed to find a service station that was closed for the night and settled for the night. 

Waking about 4hrs later to continue the drive and being greeted by one of the coolest sunrises i have seen in recent times gave me an extra boost for the day ahead (i would need every bit as on this side of the border the Nav sent me through small villages and about a 100km stretch of roadworks that took about 4hrs to cover)

by the time i was approaching the comp area and the roads finally improved the conditions even at around 9am looked like it would be a great day to fly.

My Gofly V4 comes in handy not only for flying but finding HQ when the nav doesn’t have the roads on it anymore.

First flying day the forecast had been for strong winds and small chances to fly, this area however decided to give us some flying to say hello. we managed to play around in about a 15km area with winds pushing in towards takeoff as soon as you got 10kms away, almost like it wanted us to stay.

Next post will be once the comp has finished. 

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