Quick Test: Dudek Optic EN-B

Quick Test: Dudek Optic EN-BQucik Dudek Optic Test
Untitled Blog Post Nameunfortunately i didn’t have a chance to exploit the Dudek Optic to the full on the day of the test as i was guiding some pilots, but it definitely shows a lot of potential. Hopefully in the coming weeks i get another chance to take it into the big stuff and post extra material of how it performs under pressure.
the glider inflates easily and rises effortlessly, evenly and quite quickly in windy conditions with only a slight overshoot that needs to briefly be checked. Once above your head it stays there with no extra inputs needed, almost balancing itself. 
Once in the air the first thing you notice is the direct feel the breaks give, the glider will follow your hand with ease no matter if you want a gentle turn or a harder whip around. The nice pressurised feel of the breaks (unlike a lot of other gliders in the EN-B range, which tend to have fairly soft breaks with long travel ranges) gives you an added feeling of security and confidence that is backed up by the quick response of the glider to any inputs which makes the glider feel so light in the air. It has a nice amount of energy retention for an EN-B glider not only during thermaling that allows you to be more aggressive during coring but in normal flight that allows you to get through the air easier. 
The canopies internal pressure feels pretty good even when flying a little below the middle of the weight range, in rougher air the glider holds its own with only the occasional tip tuck in the really bad stuff which comes out quickly and without any issues. 
Really nice responsive thermaling with great ability to maintain a turn and not be pushed out by the thermal, while still allowing for any needed adjustments during the turn to stay in the core. 
The glider feels quite collapse resistant with any of the induced attempts coming out and inflating quickly without any attractions to speak of. At full speed bar the glider seems to have some reflex in the profile as it doesn’t want to collapse in the traditional way (i know that sounds weird) it seems to compress itself but maintains its flying ability. (don’t get me wrong, if you push it too far in the wrong stuff it will go, but in fairly normal-medium turbulent air you can sit on the speed bar with a fair amount of confidence).
I was more than pleasantly surprised at the speed and glide performance throughout the whole speed range and I’m sure that if put side by side it will be on par with the majority of EN-B’s and some of the C’s that are on the market at the moment. 
Coming in for landing its all by the book and finishes off the pleasant experience of having flown this little EN-B overachiever from Dudek, which i would be very happy to use as my main glider for Bivouac, Guiding and going in the big mountains with full confidence that it can get me there and back safely not to mention less stressed out. 
Big thanks to Pavel Mityuklyaev one of the Russian Dealers for making the glider available for testing here in Nepal. 

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    1. I fly 2 Optics myself and 1 Colt. The Optic is more agile and much more fun than the C glider Colt. The gliding and control is superb. Underrated glider. If one can get one – get it. They are cheap when bought used. Best bang for the buck.

  1. The wing is fast and very responsive making it fun to fly. But it tends to collapse much more than other B wings in turbulent air. I love this wing in mild or coastal air, but I do not fly it any longer in the mountains.

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