Quick Ozone LM5 Test

Initially i was surprised by the amount of break pressure, its by far more than i have seen on other gliders (i was flying 1kg over max weight). the high break pressure is only present during the first few cm’s of travel until you break the trailing edge, once this occurs the pressure is comparable to other EN-D’s. after the first few minutes of flying you get used to the pressure and how the glider moves in the air.

In the rougher air i was constantly being pleasantly surprised by how solid the wing felt, even when it was wiggling around a bit more than for example the delta 2 it would still give you a good feeling while you were under it. this combined with its mega quick reaction to break inputs on any type of overshoot makes you feel more connected with the glider.

At trim speed its probably a little quicker than the D2 but the stability of the wing under trim speed is great, with the added high wing pressure feeling you know its going to stay solid and it gives you notice of what the air is doing around you.

The speed bar is really smooth and very light to use which makes using the entire speed system effectively so much easier.

big ears, not the best ears on gliders i have flown but also not the worst.

B-stall, nice and even wit no tendency to rotate, once released came out with only a minor overshoot.

great glide on trim speed and up to about 1/2 bar without being penalised with a drastic increase in sink, once above 1/2 bar the extra sink starts to cancel any speed advantage on a normal XC glide.

Overall the LM5 is a great solid package for those that want a light weight wing that can still perform with the best of them. For anyone that needs a bivouac, hike and fly wing with the added performance, this is it. with its ability to slow right down for top landings and keep you informed of what its doing in all phases of flight.

Please keep in mind when I’m talking about its great stability that its still an enD glider and should be treated as such.

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