Over prepared bivy? Here is my list.

For some my gear may seem a bit over the top, but from experience I much prefer to have something and not need it rather than need it and not have it. So here comes the list

Harness: kortel kuik 2, previously the Supair Delight

Helmet: edelrid foldable

compass solar vario

spot messenger

guide 10 solar charger 

holux gpsmile61

gopro camera

sony rx100 camera

Camp minima 2 person tent

-20 sleeping bag Nepal version. So let’s say -10 apart from some of the down escaping through some of the miss sewn areas i can’t complain.

electric start folding stove top plus light weight pots and gas bottle

2 spare shirts and socks

4 litres of water

A small ball Compass

Basic phone that has a good battery life

Mini tripod

Good 2m radio that can also run on AA batteries (charge batteries through solar charger)

Dry food for 3 days

All this I have had great success with in the past and managed to fit it all in the delight, when space was made by taking out the protector. (removing the protector is solely at your own risk)image

2 comments on “Over prepared bivy? Here is my list.

  1. Hi Stan,

    Are you using LK8000 on the Holux? How long does it last without the external battery? Do you know how long with it? Do you have the solar panels open (and charging) during flight? If so, where d’you mount ’em?


    1. Hi William,

      Yes im running LK8000 on the Holux GPSmile 61 from http://www.goflyinstruments.com, also the holux funtrek running LK as well both can be charging during the flight.

      Battery life mainly depends on the brightness of the back light and how high (what temps) your flying at. flying high in the Himalaya on 100% backlight the battery level drops pretty quick approx 2-3hrs. my solution for normal out and return/triangle flying is a 10000mah battery pack thats charged before the flight, these cost around 25euro, weights around 250grams and allows you to keep the holux charged and working for around 4x6hr high level flights.

      when im going bivy then yes i fly with the solar panel open, the panel has several loops to attach to so i hook 2 onto the front of the cockpit and 1 on the closing line of the pod here you can either attach it with a mini crab or place it under the line and the line holds it down flat (placing it under is less efficient for charging but after a 7hr flight like this i still have everything juiced up).

      all the best

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