Ryanair : what a joke of a service provider : Never Again

Needing cheep transport from north Italy to Malta to get there for my brothers wedding, the beginnings were going smoothly, tickets booked, extra baggage paid for with a total quite acceptable 90ish euro price tag for the two of us which was about 40eur cheaper then other flights.

The problems began when we tried to check in online while we were still in nepal, we kept receiving the message that one or more of the travellers is not an EU resident and because of this you need to check in at the airport. Now i have an EU passport but because both the tickets were bought together it blocked my ability as an EU passport holder to check in online (which ended up costing us 70 eur more). From the beginning i thought to myself, ok maybe we can’t check in because we are in Nepal, lets wait till we are inside the EU maybe something will change. sadly this didn’t make the slightest bit of difference, we still got the same message once in the EU “one or more of the travellers is a non EU passport holder and needs to check in at the airport to obtain you boarding pass”.

At this point i just accepted it that thats how it is and its normal procedure for non EU residence to go through this (extra visa checks and what not).

we didn’t really think much of it all till we got to the check in desk and got asked for our boarding passes… um yeah thats what we want to get from you…. we explained the situation and were told to go over to the Ryanair service desk (there is no friggin Ryanair service desk by the way), after asking around i was directed to one of the Torino airport service desks where they told me that we need to pay 140 eur to get a boarding pass at the airport, WTF….

once again i explained the situation about the attempts to check in online and that one of the passports in non EU, and that I’m sure she doesn’t think that i would rather pay 140 eur then print out a F*&$^&g online boarding pass thats virtually free..

She said that she will call the Ryanair customer service, she walked off and called during which i was keenly eavesdropping hearing the words technical error, server problems blah blah blah, after which she returned saying that Ryanair had confirmed that i must pay 140 eur to receive the boarding passes as we didn’t check in online..

After almost blowing up and using some really inappropriate language at the very kind lady, who i did feel sorry for being placed in this situation by an airline that treats it customers like trash. adopting the mentality that its ok to lose a customer or two here and there, theres always more where they came from.

Having to travel for my brother wedding i ended up paying the money and getting my little overpriced piece of worthless paper that i would find hard to even wipe my own you know what with as its much too small and much too hard.

Now, sitting on the plane over to Malta, thoughts are running through my head, what will change by writing this?

Well to tell you the truth if nothing else than me feeling better is achieved by this then its ok and i am feeling a bit better already even if 140 eur lighter in the pocket its still a little better.

Further more i will boycott all future travel with Ryanair this might not hit them in the pocket very hard, but one small step at a time.

We all need to realise that companies like Ryanair are not out to provide us with a service or make our lives easier. They at the end of the day are out to make money which they do at almost any cost.

i can’t even say Shame on you Ryanair, but shame on me for choosing to fly with you. don’t worry i learn quickly from my mistakes, you won’t catch me out again, and i wish others that travel with them luck in getting what you inevitably over pay for as the ticket might have been cheap but everything else will hit you in the pocket.

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