Kortel Kuik 2 : the weapon of choice for 2013

A long wait well worth it..

The very first impressions of the harness as I was opening the bag it came in on the taxi ride to the office were very positive.
The materials and stitching looked solid. I was in for a real treat the first time I hung it up and sat in the harness, I didn’t even notice the smile that began to grow on my face. WOW it holds you nicely with absolutely awesome weight distribution throughout the harness.
No matter if your in a reclined or seated position, you don’t feel as though your in a harness at all.
First flight went ahead with no issues, it is a bit of a different harness to get into but once its trimmed for you its all good.

Feel in flight is what you would expect from a harness coming from the house of Kortel. Words that I don’t usually use like plush come to mind when people ask me what it feels like.
Weight shift is just great and what’s more important is its pretty much fully adjustable to your needs.


No matter weather your flying solo or tandem the harness seems to take you in and make you feel almost like its hugging you the whole flight. I didn’t think that it would be possible to make a harness for both types of flying without sacrificing something from either the solo or tandem experience. They pulled it off in my opinion, even when your using it in tandem your getting just the same support and comfort level from the harness.
The adjustment straps help space you from the passenger better than normal tandem harnesses even when using soft spreaders. Making this the most comfortable harness I have used in combination with soft spreaders.


In terms of storage space, the main pocket I’m able to fit 2 -25° sleeping bags, tent, clothes, cooking gear still leaving about 1/3 of the space to be used. Now don’t be mistaken this is the storage pocket, I’m not talking about the airbag….

Now the big tests will be coming in the next few weeks, we will be flying tandem from Vienna to the Kossen testival and then through the alps following the x-alps route (weather permitting) so if you see a blue and white Axis Venus 3 tandem coming through come on over and say hello.
Followed by a 2 month bivouac trip to Kyrgyzstan (june-july places still available, get in touch if you are interested in discovering the world of bivouac flying). stan.parakros@gmail.com

A more detailed review will follow after we get some more air time on the harness.
You will be able to follow us from the 6th onwards on our spot page

11 comments on “Kortel Kuik 2 : the weapon of choice for 2013

  1. hi stan,

    so you say it´s worth waiting for the cocoon for the kuik? …i´m tempted to choose the “new” sky lighter (which seems to be a improved delight) as it seems we´ll have to wait till north and south korea have sorted things out and the kortel/gin production goes on…
    by the way: the koessen-testival will take place next weekend ( 18-20.5.) due to bad weather here, maybe we`ll meet there (last time was in moondance, with matt marijon and paul, maybe you remember..we were talking about the kuik..)

    see you !


    1. the sky is simply an approved by Supair copy of the delight.. so ill know more about the pod in the next couple of days as i have just arrived in Annecy and will be heading over to Kortel in the coming days. if i was only to judge the comfort of the harness while flying with the crashbox version i would be sold already. Im sure that Kortel wont release anything sub par and no one should be disappointed. personally ive been waiting for this harness ever since they released drawings of the concept almost 2 years ago.

  2. Hello!
    Your article has only reinforced by decision to purchase the Kuik II as my next harness. Thanks for writing it! I’m having trouble deciding if I should go with the medium or large size? I’m 181cm tall and weigh 78kg. It will be my primary harness and using it with the Mousse Bag Module. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  3. Hi! What do you mean by “Weight shift is just great and what’s more important is its pretty much fully adjustable to your needs.”? Could you please describe how exactly it’s adjustable? By changing carabiners height? By changing chest strap?


    1. Hi Serge,

      the main options are using the
      1: chest strap,
      2: leg straps, (the ones between the legs on the underside)
      3: main straps used for the sitting position, with these you can to some extent (by shortening them all equally) lower the carabiner height while still maintaining your sitting position.

      1. Thanks! And, could you please compare weight-shifting abilities of Kuik II and Ozium? Which is more precise? Which is more dampened?

        1. again it depends on the flying style as due to the fact you have a more dampened weight shift on the kuik you can more precisely pick your lean position, for myself the ozium is more comfortable to weightshift. i woudl sugest if you have to chance to test fly both. alot of people rush into purchasing without testing and then regret long flight discomfort that could have been avoided

  4. No doubt the Kuik 2 with cocoon is really comfortable. I could fly in it all day. I seem to have lost some weight shift authority compared to a seat board harness. Any suggestions to get more weight shift authority ?

    1. Hello Michael,
      it normal to have a change in the amount of weight shift authority with a seat boardless harness, although you can remedy this by
      1: adjusting the seat height higher, as you bring your center of gravity closer to the attachment point with the wing the more twitchy things will become
      2: you can adjust the width between the carabiners the closer they are the more responsive it will become
      3: you can try to use your feet like in a plane, when turning right extend your right leg which will then cause your pod to lean over to the right, adding a few % of your mass to that side of the turn
      4: hang your body over more than with a seat board harness.

      one thing to remember about points 1 and 2 is that you dont want to alter these further than recommended as this may have an adverse effect on your gliders stability and collapse recovery. try adjusting 1-2cm each flight till you find what works for you.

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