lightening up for India October – November 2012

Our next adventure will be taking us to India, after spending a bit of time in Mumbai i am hoping that the time we spend in Delhi will be more pleasant.

We are heading over to Bir Billing for a bit of a holiday and to catch up with some friends that will be there through out October and November, Not forgetting to take advantage of the weather and go big in the big mountains both on the solos and tandems. Anyone that wants to tag along or go for some over night trips get in touch and we can organize something.

Solo Setup for anyone wanting to know what i am flying with when going to unknown places:
Supair Delight, cutting weight down to a minimum using the Supair Connect

Apco Mayday Light

Supair Adventure 110L (much sturdier than the light weight packs on the market both for airport handling and back country snags on bushes and rocks etc. Big enough to fit all the bivy gear with ease.) down side its 2kgs rather than sub 1kgs.
if you know that you will be landing in nice places each time and you dont have to pack alot of things after the flight into the pack then you would probably be going for the lighter version. i prefer to have something that can easily fit everything and stand some punishment along the way.

Triple Seven Rook (pl version), en version

flymaster live
compass beeper (backup vario)
Spot Tracker
mobile phone with good battery and a small solar charger (solar charger only if i intend to be away from base for more than 3-4days otherwise all electronics hold there charge long enough)
a good 2m Radio dual band is preferred but you dont want to skimp on something that you may rely on in a sticky situation.
Don’t forget to also have a relatively good compass, even with the advances in technology electronics still sometimes point you in the wrong direction.

in addition,
A Basic First Aid Kit
head lamp
down sleeping bag with bivy bag . (you can always sleep in your wing but you know 🙂 im a sucker for comfort)

Heading out tandem,
Axis Vega 3 (Vega Duo)

Gin Safari Pilot Harness
Supair Altirando 2


all other equipment is same as for Solo.

safety note:
1: before going out alone see if there are any local pilots with knowledge of the area that can give you advice on what the do’s and dont’s of the area are, where you can fly safely don’t let pride become a safety issue for you. everyplace has one or two places that become dangerous in certain conditions ask so your at least ready for it when it happens, with a plan B ready to implement.

2: advise someone of your planned route before your flight also arrange a check in time to call by to say that your safe this can be with friends, local pilots or even your hotel manager. leave a copy of your travel details, passport copy, insurance, glider information especially the colours with your friends or the hotel.

3: see what frequency others  are flying on and either use that or keep note of it so if something goes wrong (rescue ride) you can inform them as your going down or at least try to.
4: if you do by chance need to relay information on the reserve ride down you have a limited amount of reliable radio time until terrain becomes an issue. so speak clearly, slowly and passing specific information. Name, glider, position from “X” takeoff including direction and km’s, specifics like gps position no one will remember. eg, reserve reserve reserve this is John Doe on a blue white gradient 50km’s west of Bir takeoff on the front ridge. wait a few seconds for a response from someone if nothing then say again.

5: when it comes to safety i cant stress enough that putting money ahead of your safety is the worst thing that you can do, so when it comes to your safety equipment please get things that you can rely on. at the end of the day, you get what you paid for, so how much is your life worth?

Thanks to our new Partners in crime helping us to lead a normal life 😉
Triple Seven Polska

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