Nepal & India Guiding 2012-2013

This year we are offering fully Guided tours for pilots wanting to improve their Cross Country potential using some of the most iconic sites in the world.

Places we will Visit,
November through March we will be operating in
Ø Pokhara,
Ø Sirkot,
Ø Bandipur.

India, October and then April
Ø Bir Billing

We will also be catering for Non Pilots that have a strong sense of adventure also pilots that would like one on one instruction using one of our high performance Axis Venus 3 tandems.

Learn how to plan those long out and return, fai triangle flights.
Covered will be:
Ø weather forecasting,
Ø optimal route planning,
Ø routing options,
Ø thermal prediction,
Ø decision making,
Ø flying comp tasks

What’s needed,
Ø National Pilots licence and IPPI card
Ø Certified Glider, Harness, Reserve Parachute.
Ø 70cm or 2m radio
Ø Travelling Insurance
Ø Emailed Flight log record (used to match pilots into different level groups)
Ø Mobile phone

Recommended equipment
Ø Spot Tracker
Ø First Aid Kit
Ø Thermal Blanket

Limited numbers are available as we like to keep the groups to an absolute max of 3 students per instructor for both safety and quality of experience reasons.

for prices and exact dates (guiding dates are flexible as we don’t charge for non flyable days) please message us.

5 comments on “Nepal & India Guiding 2012-2013

  1. Please give me some more informations regarding guieded trip in Phokara. I will be there End of February beginning of March 2013.
    Regards, Fritz

    1. Hello Fritz,
      sorry for the delayed reply but in Bir at the moment testing the 777 Rook.
      guiding depends on each persons skill level, expectations, needs.
      Maybe if you would like to tell me what you expect from your experience i would be able to let you know what i can offer you.

      Each and every flyable day we try to maximize the distance we can cover no matter if its an out and return from Pokhara, bivouac flight or a to goal flight.
      the possibilities in the Annapurna and other places in Nepal are only limited to personal health, time and of course the weather.
      each guided trip is custom to what the customer requires, and i very rarely take more that 2 people at a time as this can sometimes cause issues when flying, if there are more people that are eager i can make arrangements for them also.
      normally i offer,
      Route and Weather Forecasting, Thermal Training, Thermal Prediction, Race Tactics, Bivouac flights, Sky Camping, also this year we are starting drive out and fly back trips from various other places in Nepal.
      on non flying days (due to weather) i have a no charge policy as i hate seeing people paying for something they are not getting.

      please let me know what you expect from your trip and i can put an offer together for you.
      all the best Stan

  2. I will be in country 4-10 February. I’m a P2 and this will be my first trip outside of my home flying country. Do you have availability for a 2 or 3 day cross country clinic. I will also be traveling with a non-flyer who would like to do some tandem flying.

    1. Hello Evan,
      XC clinic is not a problem, just so i have an idea of what you will need can you give me a brief description of what flying you have done in the past.
      any XC?
      ridge soaring?
      how many hrs have you flown?
      if you have an account for an online contest can you send me the link so i can see some of your flights?

      if you like i can even combine both guiding you XC with flying with your friend on one of my XC tandems.

      all the best from cold Bir, India

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