A holiday from a holiday


When you get to call this sort of stuff your ‘work’ its hard to justify that you are going on a holiday. After a while you do start to lose the plot and you do find the need to get away form it all for a bit. Personally i had been in Nepal just over 8 months when my visa was running out and i had to choose either, get a working visa or use the ticket that i already had to go back to Europe for a week or two. so after weighing up all the costs it looked like i was going to be heading to Europe for my little ‘holidays’.

The trip there was long, Kate adn I left PKR on Thursday to make sure that we don’t get stuck here during a Bandh with no way of getting transport to Kathmandu before our flight. This meant that we would have 2 full days in KTM before our flight out to Delhi. i never really like to be in KTM, for some reason it makes me feel like I’m back in Mumbai with its over population, dust, noise and the congested streets. The one thing that it has got going for it is that the smells of Mumbai are missing.
We managed to find a couple of nice places where you can chill out with wifi access good food and some of the freshest drinks around.
For great morning fresh roasted coffee in the morning you hit up Himalayan Java


The next place you should visit is OR2K for their Fresh mint drink and great food all with a great atmosphere in the heart of Thamel.


Both places have pretty good speed networks for those of you that want to kill some time or get in touch with friends and loved ones. even during power cut they have 24hr back up power, yes even the capital gets hit with power cuts when there isn’t enough energy to satisfy the needs of India. Yep i know i wrote India, no spelling mistake as the majority of Nepali power is sold to India putting it own residence in the dark. So use your luxury items wisely as once your out of power you will need to wait for the switch to get flicked again before you can charge. You get used to having everything plugged in ready and waiting for even an hour of power to come and boost that laptops charge.

Our flight to Delhi was finally up and we got on board for the quick jump across for our nice half day layover at the airport, by half day i mean almost 14 hours.
I’m getting used to having really bad connecting flight to and from places so for me i find it pretty relaxing to watch as all the “jet setters” hurry around the terminals.

I was the first to leave Delhi in the early am, with Kate leaving for Moscow about an hour and a half later. The flight went smooth and quickly as i fell asleep with my headphones on as soon as i finished eating breakfast. A 6hr layover in Brussels went quickly before heading to Warsaw. As soon as i arrived i got to the train station and headed south. By the time i had arrived in Katowice the final train across the boarder to the Czech Republic had left and i was forced to spend the night.

got to ride in the original 😉

The next morning i left to make the first train at 7am to Brno in the hope of picking up the new tandem as it was meant to be ready 2 days before my arrival in the EU, unfortunately it wasn’t and I headed to find a hotel in the area to figure out a plan B. While sitting in a cafe in the evening i noticed some photos from Rolf a guy that i had met in Nepal, apparently he was now at the British Open in Meduno Italy.
Well i have a week to burn i may as well go see some friends, arriving at the LZ in Meduno i found several other fellow Tandem Personalities there competing.

i spent 2 days as a wind dummy not to feel guilty about the free ride up and try to take some photos of the Gaggle, once the organizer called the comp on the final day due to the weather Rolf and i scrambled to find a ride with someone to another location where the weather just might be a little better. We managed to find on to a place just south of Salzburg, from which we decided to head for Zell Am See.

Let the Adventure continue 😉

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