Dismissing an Advance Lightness Myth

One thing that I kept hearing from people before and even after I bought the lightness, was that because your reserve was connected to the karabiners once you deployed you would be falling in a more horizontal position similar to that of normal flight position.

I decided to let others know that as soon as the reserve opened I was in a feet vertically down position ready to absorb the impact that was coming. For those that have the Lightness it was the same position you hang in if you don’t get into the harness at takeoff, the only difference was that my feet were still in the pod.

luckily for me I don’t mind having a larger reserve, I’m on a Dudek Globe 120. so as soon as it was inflated I had a nice slow ride down to the soft bushes below.

if anyone is interested in a good reserve that opens quickly, is very stable in descent and can handle the rough stuff visit here.

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