What a Ride!

For those of you that ventured towards the big mountains today, you know what I’m talking about. Big blue sky lift taking us higher than we have been recently with absolutely amazing views in all directions. Once again I mounted my trusty safe’ish steed my Airwave Magic 5 that has never let me down thus far. still a bit fazed by the reserve toss the other week i m taking it easier, enjoying the views and flying rather than pushing the bar for half the flight.

Some people trek to see Fishtail from this side Winking smile 


The little glider that definitely could, its flying in places like this that all of a sudden it dawns on you, just how miniscule we are on this planet. IMG_2698IMG_2622

Flying here you sometimes forget that there aren’t that many people that have had the opportunity or the privilege to see these mountains as we can. IMG_2702IMG_2703

here is a little house literally in the middle of now whereIMG_2711IMG_2716

Mohammad Firoozi kept me company from greenwall onwards on his Mentor 2IMG_2692IMG_2707IMG_2725IMG_2676IMG_2707GOPR9781IMG_2616GOPR9783IMG_2595

Final glide on this magical day was absolutely amazing and one that I wont forget quickly… all I can say is Epic!!!GOPR9789GOPR9798IMG_2736IMG_2742IMG_2740

one thing that I will need to invest in if I plan to do more high flying here, warmer gloves as only this was forcing me down. I know what it feels like once you begin to get frost bite and I was getting real close to that moment.

Congrats to all the pilots that headed up in to the back country of this amazingly majestic place, looking forward to flying with you all again next time I go solo Winking smile

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. With the write ups and the pictures, you’re making it very difficult to put off visiting Nepal for much longer.

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