Nepali Holi

What a day it has been, where all the town people celebrate together in an extremely friendly and enjoyable way.

The Peace before the storm, Pokhara at 630am a quiet street with almost no people or cars on it awaits the energy of its sleepy population to fill it. one thing I still don’t understand is the daily sweeping of the dirt on the side of the street. if anyone has any ideas on why they do this please leave a comment.


Fewa lake as it always is at this time of day, very tranquil and only the early fisherman that have been out checking and setting their nets are active at this time of day.


Now let the chaos begin, the kids like on Christmas day they are the first to start moving, searching for people that will fund their next fix of war paints Winking smile


Its all fun and games, even when people almost get hurt. one thing to take care with is things getting a bit out of control, there is a bit of a mob mentality when it comes to any of these types of festivals and things can get rowdy with out much of a trigger. 3 girls sprayed some water on one kid and got surrounded by about 20 kids. within 10mins they were retreating to the safety of a café sporting all shades of the bright colors.


Even at landing the pilots will not escape the action. Dilan sporting a nice Green and purple spring ensemble


Back at the office the staff are already waiting for the sweaty pilots returning from their flights, the sweat only makes the colors stick better Winking smile


The smart ones get a good vantage point to cause the most amount of damage.IMG_2032

No matter if your youngIMG_2061

or not so young, everyone gets in on the act


There is no escaping the painting squads roaming the town, if they wont catch you on foot then they sure as hell are going to catch you in a truck or jeep, not to mention the most mobile versions running around on bikes.


some of the local pilots commandeer a vehicle that was almost built for the occasion. IMG_2137

Even trying to rest and have a quiet meal you will manage to get powder some how finding its way on to the tip of your nose.


After a busy day, even the dogs have had enough of being ambushed, finally giving in to being covered in a multitude of colors.


As the day progresses there is no way of knowing what color your face will be, with each passing person you are covered in another different color covering and mixing with what is already on your face, head, back and other parts I shouldn’t really mention here Winking smileIMG_2128IMG_2132IMG_2140IMG_2159

A face after a successful ambush run to one of the many people that you meet here and get to know like family.


Even the big boys that should intimidate the little kids don’t stand a chance as even they are covered from head to toe with powder. everyone here cant help but have an amazing time and enjoy themselves to the Max, nice one Peter all that was missing today was Kyp.


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