Make the problem bigger and it will get fixed


Waiting for my money to get exchanged I noticed a man wandering around in front of his store with a hammer, I didn’t really think much of this at first as you normally see people walking around town with various hand tools.

All of a sudden I was hit in the back of the leg by a bit of stone. What tha, feeling something resembling the sting of a bee I turned to investigate, as I turned another piece of the soon to be pothole jumped into the store and things became clear. I watched during my 30min wait for the money to get to me as the man managed to turn a barely noticeable mark on the road into a 10cm deep pothole, hitting the now growing hole more and more vigorously until it was big enough that the passing cars driving over it will continue the work and the gentle man walked away saving his hammer for the next occasion.

Over the next few days I watched from the comfort of one of the restaurants as the pothole got large enough to swallow a normal cars wheel. As soon as traffic had to start to negotiate the hazard a team quickly moved in and within 15mins had mixed the cement, filled in the hole and covered it with a tree branch that was growing on a nearby tree.

The next morning, business as usual.

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