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First impressions:

Several days before taking delivery of the unit I had downloaded the newest firmware update, at time of posting it was 1.1l and installed it with absolutely no problems I had already downloaded the designer to start making my own layouts earlier. here are the links to both the Firmware and Designer.

Turning the Live on for the first time in sunlight you notice the great contrast of the display, everything seems to pop that much better than any other device I have used. Taking the first couple of minutes to get a feel of the options menu the key functions just seem naturally in the right place. Menu navigation is very simple with keys only having one purpose. in the options menu basically the left buttons (F1,F2) are used to move up/down or once an option is selected they are used to scroll through the options. F3 acts as select/forward and menu button is back and deselect.

The standard layout is pretty good for everyday pilots but I wanted to add a couple of things that I use during competitions or when I have set myself a certain XC track that I want to achieve. the fact that using the designer you can add, delete, move and resize all the possible windows is a major plus with a total of 16 pages being available. 

in flight the vario is quick and the new (for me at least) Buzzer feature will take some getting used to but seems to work pretty well. in flight reading of the screen is great, I have not experienced any glare or change in readability due to the angle of the sun. the vario on min volume is still hearable and on max is for me almost deafening.

after my first 3hr flight with the unit I can say that im very pleased with how it works. like with any new item there are still some bugs that need to be sorted but these fixes will surely come with further firmware updates.

things I cant wait to see are a task map option as we can get on most other comp devices as if for no other reason I like seeing my little dot getting closer to the next cylinder with the ability to zoom in and out. as well as the promised CTR map function.

With the designer things are extremely easy to add, delete and customize with you Live connected all you need to do is hit F5 to almost instantly see the changes you have made to the layout. one problem I have with the designer is working with a netbook there is no way of scrolling down to see the whole screen of the live layout, on larger screens you wont have thing problem.

Later I will do a write-up of what I use when flying and why.

I have not had a chance to test the live function as I have not organized a sim card for it, but this will come next.

3 comments on “Flymaster Live

  1. Hi Stan,
    Have changed my nova Tycoon for delta 2 and have added a flymaster NAV. Going to enjoy these tools in our national comp in nelson end of jan. Alls good here and happy christmas to you and Kate.
    Cheers, Bruce and Chrissie

    1. great to hear that your on a D2, it seems to be a great wing with big potential.
      looking forward to hearing how you go in the nats.

      all the best to you guys from Nepal

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