Completing the Korchone Circuit


so we now know about the jump over to greenwall, once we are there we need height. CB is normally about 3-500m higher at GW than Sarangkot, on this particular flight we had 2500m before heading over to the Korchone ridge.

when leaving GW, get comfortable, get your camera out and enjoy the ride. its normally turbulence free for the majority of the glide over. as your arriving at the ridge pick a point that “theoretically” should be triggering lift and head for it. the most amazing thing about this place is that lift is normally found where “it should be”

enjoying the view of the Annapurna and the Seti River Gorge.


here we can see the flight from GW to the Korchone ridge. at the Korchone ridge follow it west, only really needing to thermal at the beginning and the end of the ridge as you will most of the time find enough dynamic lift along the ridge to gain height as you fly.

again, if your not going up. your wasting time so keep moving.


as you reach the end of the ridge get as much height as you can keeping in mind the size and strength of the cloud that’s probably sitting directly above your head.

as soon as you reach CB head almost directly west to the next ridge line. which leads you down to Dhampus.

its always nice to travel with friends.


here is probably the most critical jump of the whole flight, get as much height as you can this will be your first glide upwind so try not to bomb out as it’s a long walk back, and a pretty long wait for the next car going down this road.

aim for a school that you should be able to see on the lee side in one of the saddles of the ridge.

care needs to be taken on the lee side, if you know that your not going to make it over turn back sooner rather than later get more height and try again.  


gaining height over Dhampus (get as much as you can) your next target is Kaski once you have made it back to the home ridge your pretty much home free. a combination of thermal and dynamic lift lets you follow the ridge to landing (or pretty close as in this flight)


Bombing out 800m away from landing is never nice but hitting the same rice paddy is pretty cool.


and as always in Nepal your sure to make new friends on the walk back to town.



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  1. Another great guide, and something to aim for next time as I didn’t manage to make it over to Korchone last year. I have one suggestion to make, could you use the alt google view on the tracklog screenshots as it is much clearer than the default view. < like this shot


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