Making a successful Green Wall run

here are some tips for people that have not been able to make an out and return between Sarangkot and Greenwall.

First things first,

What time of day is it and how much usable time do you have before the thermals drop?

normally you should be able to do greenwall easily in under 2hrs on even a 1-2 wing. i have done it in 1hr15min on a tandem 😉

what height do you need to have before heading over?

what are the conditions like at Sarangkot and Green Wall?

depending on the glider you are flying and from which area of the main ridge you are leaving from you need to adjust your height needs taking into account tail, cross, head winds as you are making the jump to and from greenwall. I have gone over as low as 1800 from the bowl.

here are a couple of examples from the last month or so of my crossings with different wings.

one flight on a Mercury 2009, the first hour was spent waiting for friends to get in the air before hitting the wall together. this day the CB was as usual lower above Sarangkot then further down the ridge. this day we left at 2000m and headed for Dicky Danda arriving at 1631m. once you’re a DD try to get about 100m above the ridge before jumping towards the wall, it will save you time in the long run. ill get into details further down.


Here you have a flight on a Magic 5 crossing over from the Bowl rather than further down the ridge, this route is by far the quickest as you have more of a tail wind on the glide to DD. departure height was 1800m arriving at DD at 1450m


Here we have my tandem crossing, leaving down the ridge at 2016m arriving at 1575m the route after that is pretty much the same each trip.


links to the track logs are at the bottom of this page.

ok now that you can roughly visualize the route here come some tips.

first step, it cant get more obvious. get as much height as you can before you jump. this can make the difference between a long walk, bus, taxi back or you getting back to cloudbase. once you have what you think is enough height for the jump. (depending on your glider)

when deciding to head across the valley don’t double guess yourself, pick a point that you should be able to glide to and stick to it. if you are just starting out with cross country flying try not to plan too far ahead as this will just give you too many things to think about. as you glide assess if you will or wont make it to DD.

if you by chance are not going to make it then there is a ridge just before it that you can save your self on. but care needs to be taken here as it can get rough when the valley winds are stronger. once you have enough height to proceed with the flight continue along the ridge to DD.

there area a couple of options once at DD, there is normally lift around the school at the north side of the ridge or if you spot some birds away from the ridge head for them as this thermal normally gets you up faster than the ridge thermal.

you need to get around 100m above DD before you head either due North along the ridge line towards the beginning of greenwall or head NNE for the first or second spine (depending on the height that you have).

if your spending too much time in one place without the thermal getting stronger move you butt fly along the ridge and look for something better. if your not gaining height then your wasting time..

the ride along the ridge is pretty straight forward as it’s a combination of thermal and dynamic lift along the ridge. the only place you need to get height here is at the end of the first ridge, ready for the jump to the second. once your on the second ridge head for the east side of it where the thermals are stronger and gain height for the long glide back to PKR. you’ll need anything above 2300m to get back to the bowl with around 50-100m above the ridge.

if you can see your not going to make the bowl then head for the eastern ridge that runs down to lakeside as the dynamic lift should be enough for you to make it to the LZ.

your not going to get much thermal action on either the glide to or from green wall, if you do find something on the way too GW then try to stick to it and drift with the thermal in a NNW direction. if you notice that its taking you too far west drop it and stay on your heading. on the glide back to PKR it’s a waste of time turning in 0.1s as your just drifting away from your target.

if you are around half the height of GW look out for caves with local monkeys hanging around them, also you can usually fly with large numbers of  birds of prey.

what ever you do don’t bomb out during a Bandha otherwise it’s a really long walk all the way back to Lakeside…

don’t forget your camera…

taking someone with you is good, as long as you explain to them exactly what they can expect along the way. this guy I kidnapped for the 1hr15min flight.


there are some amazing views along the routes in these parts of the world


During final glide you get to a point when you know that your going to make it.


its always good getting back



Mercury 2009

Magic 5

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  1. Nice article and some good tips there. I wish I could have read that before last January, would have made things a lot easier!

    My video on my first attempt at the Green Wall is here:

    I left with too little height on the way back so tried the eastern ridge as you suggest but there was not enough dynamic lift to reach the LZ. On my second attempt I left with more height and enjoyed the peaceful glide back with none of the worries!


  2. Great tips Stan. I always find that patience gets rewarded as DD. Sometimes the thermals can be pulsing through there so waiting for a burst has always been my preference over heading back along that ridge which can be a little punchy low down. The best is when you can get enough height at Tori Pani to make it all the way to the wall without a refill at DD. Always fun to cruise over. Thanks again for these great tips. Looking forward to flying with you again soon.

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