Looking for a ride? Mt Kilimanjaro 2012


Do you want to have an experience of a lifetime?

Wing It Adventures currently have only one tandem passenger slot left.

“In late 2012, a group of adventurers from every corner of the globe will come together to climb to, and fly from, the “Roof of Africa”. This is the first time in the past 20 years that pilots will be able to fly from Mt Kilimanjaro.

Using Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, as the platform for our activity and the vehicle for our cause, it is Kili20twelve’s shared vision that we can utilize this rare opportunity to reinforce the universal need for humanity, compassion and generosity inherent in all of us.

While the mountain climbing and the paragliding activities form the foundation of this event, we do not underestimate the vital importance and need for our wider community to get involved! Kili20twelve is not just a unique stage for adventurers; it is also a unique opportunity that can propel us all to do better for and by one another.”

Would you like to make a difference? If the answer is yes and you would like to make a donation that will go towards raising funds to aid the local people of Tanzania you can do so by going to our donate page and making any donation you feel comfortable with. (please add a note to the donation “kili2012” as we currently have a couple of projects running, and what you would like the funds to be spent on, Environment, Education, Solar/wind power development, fresh water schemes etc).

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