When planning to fly between KTM and PKR

When planning to fly between KTM and PKR check the weather forecasts, if there is any chance of heavy rain or fog, you will probably end up spending an entire day at the airport, as even when they know that there is no chance of takeoff or landing they will try not to cancel a flight until the very last moment. Last flights leave ktm at around 5pm. If your not in the air by then you may as well just start either booking a hotel or a private car.

The weather like most things in Nepal runs on nepali time.

Now your probably wondering what I mean by nepali time, if you are trying to get something organized and they say it will take 10 mins it will most likely end up being an hour, now if they say 1 hour then you can safely go to lunch as even by the time you find a nice place and eat, chances are that whatever you wanted to take care of will still be getting done.  1 hr normally means 1 day. If by chance they say it will take 1 day then expect to wait at least 3 days. You cant be angry as once you stay here for some time you will realize that this pace of life really is much better than rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off. what you can do today have a day off and do tomorrow.

getting back to the weather. When you check the weather and it looks dodgy, even if the agent booking your ticket says that all flights are going, don’t be so quick to believe as at the end of the day he wants his service charge as this part of the cost you may not get back when your flight is eventually canceled. (check if you get a 100% refund before booking)

After a couple of days trying to get out of KTM you start to recognize the same faces at the airport, they have the same idea as you. If you don’t go today maybe the weather will be better tomorrow. now if by chance you notice on the sat maps a big low pressure system hanging over most of Nepal then plan on maybe going rafting as this is probably the best option for this kind of weather. Or look into the other options on getting out of KTM.

you can try your luck with the information desks but you will, like most other people in the same situation find that they are not really helpful as they dont get any information from ground crews or flight decks so don’t expect them to tell you anything that may be of any use.

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