The Planning Commences : Nepal 2011-2012


The cogs have started turning in my head once again, it is time for a change in my life and life style. I need to get back to who and how I was a few years ago, before several gut wrenching things occurred in my life (those closest to me know what I had to go through and I don’t wish it on anyone)

After visiting India last September I knew that I would want to return to either India or Nepal as soon as possible. the people, atmosphere and landscape are magic and the food is to die for.

Seeing that this time it will be a trip to rediscover myself, earn some money flying tandems and meet people on a similar wave length to me (this is what I have been missing the most in my life) whom I only on the rare flying trip, competition or when I meet up with my brother manage to connect with.

Getting of a call from one of the companies operating in Pokhara I was pleased to find out that they have confirmed me as one of there team pilots for the 2011-2012 season.

Trip Itinerary: Arrive at Kathmandu or Delhi at the beginning of October 2011 and then make the trip via bus or train to Pokhara. Depart Kathmandu mid-end Feb 2012.

During the 4.5-5 months there apart from flying I would also like to get involved in volunteering in the local communities.  Reading about the Ghana Paragliding Festival and how the Cloud Base Foundation were trying there best to help the communities that we visit on our epic trips around the world I decided to join the cause and signed up to the Foundation in 2010.  I wasn’t able to make the 2011 Ghana Festival due to a family emergency but made a point of it in my mind that as soon as I could I would try to do my bit.

The current project in Nepal is the Sarangkot School where the hope is to raise 130k rupee or around $1800 to support the school. not only will I be trying to volunteer in the area I will also be donating part of the money I earn while I’m flying in Nepal as I believe that we should try to give back to the communities and people that support us with such enthusiasm and warmth.

Only hearing stories on forums and seeing some photos and videos on the net I can imagine what to expect, having travelled to various places around the world I’m always pretty comfortable in places where others may struggle. The most important two things that I need is a dry place to sleep and good food. I know that I can expect an awesome adventure out of this trip and the fact that I can help local kids in the process is a huge bonus.

If you would like to help the cause financially you can do so by going to the Donate page remember that no matter how small the donation each dollar helps in providing for those that need it the most.

If you would like to stay up to date with the project progress or just look through the photos and videos that I will be putting up here you can subscribe to receive email updates when I post something new to this blog. I will try to give regular updates however this all depends on the internet access that will be available to me on the spot.

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