First flight of the new season +100km’s

what a nice surprise 😉 arriving at a small 80m hill situated along a winding river valley i had my doubts if anyone would get a chance to go XC. my first start was a sledder most of the others played around up top no one wanting to fully commit. i made it back up in about 10mins due to all the shrubs and mud, by this time some others had arrived with even a tandem taking off. the conditions still were not idea but i could see that Kasta was getting ready so i did too. Kasta took off and hooked a thermal straight away, he made cloud base quickly. about the same time that he hit cloud base i could finally start as the cycle was starting up again. being only about 20m above the start i decided to drift with my meager 0.1 thermal and covering 10kms while getting to cloud base. it was now time to head to the next cloud, losing about 700m on the leap. on the way i could see Kasta just ahead of me, managed to catch him by the next thermal and we stayed together for the rest of his flight. we had a couple of lowish saves along the way, only managing to stay up with 0.1 thermals. about 65kms from launch Kasta bombed out and i managed to hook another thermal and ride it out to cloud base. seeing that now i was going to be flying alone i turned on the radio and listened to some tunes trying to zone out the fact that i had put less cloths on than i should have and i was shivering uncontrollably at time. i can however recommend AIRSTYLE “PARAGLOVE 3S” i wouldnt say that winter flying would be warm but they definatly stood up to -1 deg cel
Still heading West 🙂
Turning north west to land around Tarnow there were fairly good thermals even though they were weak they worked perfectly. i could have flown further but it being a Sunday afternoon it would be hard to get home.

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